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Sending my work samples

I did line for four hours to get inside in this exhibition. Why? The Metropolitan Museum of Art opened the last day of the beauty event related to Alexander McQueen, “ Savage Beauty.” On Aug 7.  Everyone wanted to see his artwork.  I felt shocked with the overpower of his creation, but unnaturally, he was killed by himself at 4o. I am consider that his quite comment, ” I want to empower women. I want people to be afraid of the women I dress.”  Additionally, I  didn’t breath for the first time while I saw his design.

These images are too small, and they are on display at MOMA.

I cooked the homemade food for my landlord, one roommate and myself several minutes ago:)

Big sorry for that,  I am getting old, and always have been afraid of new high- teach coming, such as the Ipad as a good example. On my face to the face of the Ipad, I just was shocked with its E- book with whole flash movements including auto.  O,  it all impasses  me I have to mind its new technique what I do much better in the near future with the new illustrative  media involve voices, color sheets, characters, plots, backgrounds and  game animation.



Three colleagues went to Philadelphia to attend the Chinese Mission Conversion 2010 with me for four days.

In fact, we were in the inside of the conversion center all days, not go out.

The conversion leaded me to learn something about James Hudson Taylor. He was a British christian missionary, and went to China in the 19th century. At that same time, Taylor found the China Inland Mission (now OMF International). For that reason, he spent 51 years in China.

I bought one new children illustration book about that man’s story, and asked his great-grandson, James Taylor for writing his signature on the book.  

If you want to know more information about James Hudson Taylor, could click